•    Company GRUPA DOX S.C.
  We started our activity in 1990 as one of pioneers in IT branch. In the process of development we were have invited partners to cooperate, who currently constitute the base of our company. We operate as associated firms with Head Office in Zawiercie. As a result of the development we specialize in advertibadge and promotion supporting the process of sale. Our main activity is production of advertibadge articles.

We have built an organisation compribadge advertibadge agencies, agents and coordinators based within the territory of Poland as well as abroad. We systematically increase our turnover, and what is most important, our products are based mainly on our own, Polish materials.

We have created our own, consistent image of GRUPA DOX s.c. and high quality standards of services offered. We are proud to have a wide group of satisfied customers who recommend us to other companies. In order to perform our operations we engage both our own employees and independent consultants. We have found our own, non-conventional methods of operation. We try to be flexible and we do not feel inferior when competing with the best.
•    Mission
  We simply “help to sell” and we want to be perceived in this way. We promote our own brand and image. We would like to be associated by all people with the best goods at a reasonable price. We concentrate on these clients, who trust in our experience and make big, complex orders. At the same time any small customer is also important, maybe even more important, because this is our future.
•    Personnel and technical resources
  - experienced management of the Head Office
- several regional coordinators
- a few hundred of cooperating advertibadge agencies
- goods and passenger transportation
- central and local warehouses
- own technical resources and machinery coping with the most difficult orders